User Guide

This is ChroMapper.

ChroMapper is an in-development, Unity-based map editor for Beat Saber, specializing in modded map creation. ChroMapper also offers various tools and features that tailor towards the advanced mappers of the community.

This Guide is in development. We would love to hear your feedback on anything that we might not have covered, or any suggestions you might have to improve upon it. Please DM Jamman360#0001 on discord with any suggestions and improvements.



You can download ChroMapper with the ChroMapper Launcher. The ChroMapper Launcher also serves as an auto updater, and ensures you never go out of date.


If you'd like to donate to the project, you can support ChroMapper development on Patreon. You get the usual Patreon roles, a shout-out in the Credits screen, and more benefits coming soon™.

User Guide